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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Email to Senator Byron Dorgan, D-N. Dak

Hopefully you are all aware of the Michael Nowik situation in North Dakota. If not, get ahold of Fred Smart (http://smartbandwidth.blogspot.com) for more details. I hope you will help flood the offices of the state and U.S Senators and Representative to help secure the immediate release of Michael Nowik. This is state, jackbooted thuggery at its best!

Dear Senator Dorgan,

There is a tragic, unthinkable and unacceptable circumstance
ongoing in North Dakota in the persecution of Michael Nowik.

For years now, Mr. Nowik has been trying to obtain justice in various
courts in North Dakota and has attempted to prosecute several state
officials and others whom have circumvented, broken the law and
violated Mr. Nowik's rights in a number of ways. And now, even to
the extent as to handcuff and apprehend him off the street like a
dangerous felon, incarcerate him and drug him in the state hospital
in Jamestown. Bear in mind that he has seen no real justice yet, just
thuggery on the part of state officials and others.

I believe sir, that it is high time for someone like you,who can make
a difference and can demand justice for this citizen, do so. I hope
that you have the guts to do the right thing, dig into the truth of the
matter by interviewing Mr. Nowik, examining he cases and demand
his immediate release thereafter. Mr. Nowik is no more crazy or a
threat to anyone than you sir and he deserves his freedom just like
you, sir. I pray that you will do the right thing and help Michael
Nowik regain his freedom and get away from the drugs he is being
forced to take. If there is any craziness in the state of North Dakota,
it is among your elected and selected officials.

Hopefully, capturing and drugging citizens in North Dakota who
won't "toe the line", who won't follow the status quo, who dare to
speak out, who dare to prosecute those who attempt to persecute
him (all within a person's rights) isn't the normal course of things.

Please do everything you can to help fellow citizen Michael Nowik.

Thank You,

Jim Paulson
PO BOX 19436
Minneapolis, Minnesota