War Against Federal Tyranny And The Misapplication of Income Tax

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Monday, March 29, 2004

Sorry for the confusion........
on the "fair tax" issue. But this "fair tax" - that H.R. 25 proposes - is an excise tax on goods and services NOT your wages, NOT your income. As I understand it, if it passed it would repeal Title 26 Subtitles A, B and C taxes. That includes Income taxes, Estate and Gift taxes, Capital gains, Employment taxes (FICA), Corporate income taxes. The poor would be able to file a short form to get their taxes paid in back if they met low income criteria. It would tax about everything but would NOT tax used items sold. For instance, you buy a new car and pay the tax, you sell that car used and buyer pays no tax. Government gets one shot at it.

I hope that sheds the correct light on it. I'm still not sure how I feel about it if the amendment contains no cap AND no bottom so that it could never go up but could come down.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

When did the MDR cancel the Constitution of the State of Minnesota?

On April 30, 2003, agents of the Minnesota Department of Revenue, accompanied by animal control officers, deputies from the Ramsey County Sheriff's Office and a film crew from KARE-11 TV, invaded a private residence in North Oaks. They did so under the dubious authority of two writs of entry provided by two retired district judges, which were granted on the basis of a delinquent tax claim for 1998. The department's agents carted away personal property valued at $80,000 and also seized the house itself, valued at $2.1 million this year by Ramsey County Property Records and Revenue.

There was one significant problem with this action. The owner of the house, Robert Beale, had been a Florida resident since November, 1997. His primary home is there, his wife and mother-in-law live(d) there with him and he has lived there continuously for the last six years. Furthermore, the Minnesota Department of Revenue had known this for at least three years because it was in possession of ample documented proof that verified Mr. Beale's Florida residence.

The whole story here.....

State government business or more accurately state government tyranny doesn't get any better than this!