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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Do Your Part To Learn About America

As It Really Is Today And What We Must Do To Fix It

If you haven't already, visit the Freedom To Fascism website. Find out just what needs to be done to correct our long list of ills. Spend $5 and watch the full length movie or better yet, order the DVD, watch it and then share it with everyone you know! Simply click on the image below.

Last Push For Amendment E

Seeking To Pass The J.A.I.L. Amendment in South Dakota

I can hardly begin to adequately describe, define let alone emphasize how important passing the J.A.I.L. Amendment in South Dakota is. Not only for the South Dakotans but for all of America.

For those of you who are not familiar with this important amendment, please navigate to http://SDJA.net and get caught up.

Here's what you must learn about the J.A.I.L. Amendment, in my view:

No longer would a judge be given carte blanche judicial immunity under all circumstances.

By way of a Special Grand Jury of the people, it will hold judges accountable for their delinquent or deliberate wrongful actions against a defendant or in a ruling.

A judge would no longer get away with unnecessary stalling, delaying tactics causing a case to go unresolved ad infinitum.

No longer will they be able to deliberately or otherwise deny a defendant his constitutional rights and due process - and get away with it.

No longer will they be allowed to rule on an issue where there is no law that coincides with the ruling. Another words, no more "legislating from the bench".

A defendant must follow through with the normal appeals processes before enlisting the Special Grand Jury's investigation.

NO ONE outside of the judiciary is at risk because of the J.A.I.L. Amendment regardless of the false and misleading rhetoric of the opposition.

NO judiciary memebers past or present, no law enforcement, no felons, no previously adjudged mentally incompetent person may serve on the Special Grand Jury regardless of the false and msileading rhetoric of the opposition.

It's no wonder that judges, attorneys, banks, insurance companies, etc. are unhappy. The judges' days of unbridled judging to a predetermined outcome would be over. (Like their routine denial of the introduction of THE LAW [or lack thereof] in an IRS case against you!) Their unstoppable bull rush over the constitutional rights of the people would be, once and for all, done and over and brought into check.

Just think of how many fewer frivolous law suits will be seen. Just think of the control "We the People" would have over our government once again (as originally designed) when judges' rulings are strictly held to constitutional standards and the written law. Think of how much less administrative law system will wreak havoc upon us! Think of it! The freedom and liberty, we would once again have by holding our courts and judges accountable.

My personal plea is for any readers who have friends, family in South Dakota, that they call them and tell them to vote YES on Amendment E on November 7th. Once the other states get word of this passage, they will start to demand the same for themselves and we will see definitive judicial accountability become a reality across America. Can you smell and taste the freedom because of it?!

Re: Pat's Birthday

I recently received an email that included the following link to an article written by Pat Tilley's brother - both veterans of the Iraq "war". Pat Tillman was killed in this empirical, invasion. Pat's brother Kevin made it through, back to the states. They only wanted to serve their country - but to what end?


I decided that this article was surely notable of forwarding and so I did so to my email list. After my forwarding, a friend of mine (who shall remain anonymous out of respect) emailed this reply back to me - as follows:

.... and somehow unresolved grief turns into poisonous and confused thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Good for us that so few of the US Armed Forces (and others) share these thoughts or we'd be in HUGE trouble .. more than we already are ..

'stead of all the Monday morning quarterbacking, whining, and complaining .. what's your plan?

Wow! Now that is a challenge! And perhaps a chance for me to help educate others and bring them closer to the light of truth. Of course, it comes with the risk of being asked just who do I think I am - but so be it. Ask away.

My response back to my dear friend:

Well......you asked. My plan, my hope as well (and in an approximate order):

DEMAND that all elected officials, SIGN and HONOR their solemn oaths of office in which they swear to God to obey, uphold and defend the US and state constitutions - no exception! AND that their sworn, signed oaths are prominently displayed first in the newpaper, then for all to see in the SOS office in each state as well as at the federal level. Try them for treason at either state or federal level depending on their employment if they choose to work, govern to the detriment of WE THE PEOPLE outside of constitutional restraint.

ABOLISH the Patriot Acts, Military Commission Act, TOMORROW (- if you have read them, you should know that they include WE THE PEOPLE! Last I looked, WE THE PEOPLE are NOT America's enemy - these acts deem us potentially otherwise!)

DEMAND by law, that ALL senators and representatives are REQUIRED as a fundamental function of the office they hold to read EVERY act BEFORE voting on it. And, I strongly suggest that we deserve more than 90 days of service from them annually!

DEMAND that our borders be immediately secured by our military to stem the tide on illegal immigration from this day forward. Round up and immediately deport all illegal immigrants as they become known. NO AMNESTY, NO ANCHOR BABY OR OTHER EXCEPTIONS!

DEMAND Congress abolish the Federal Reserve TOMORROW - and do so with unrelenting force, if necessary.

VOTE OUT the criminal fascists now in government whose acts are repugnant to their oath as well as those who will not swear to end the FRB (if possible - not likely with unaccountable electronic voting) on November 7 and each subsequent "election" until respectable, DOI, USConst lovers are voted in..........from that day forward!

DEMAND Congress abolish the Federal Reserve TOMORROW - and do so with unrelenting force, if necessary. And demand that Congress control our currency and regulate it's value from that day forward.

PASS the J.A.I.L. Amendment in every state and a federal version as well.

DEMAND that Congress enact bills that will immediately remove us from the "protection" and association of the UN, WHO, WTO. As a strong symbol to the international banking syndicate behind these "organizations", destroy the UN building by controlled demolition.

DEMAND that we officially by writ or act remove ourselves from GATT, NAFTA, CATT, etc. trade treaties.

In keeping with the US Constitution, REMOVE ALL U.S. troops from bases on foreign soil. REMOVE the US as soon as possible from the "wars" (not declared) in Iraq and Afghanistan. Stop any further empirical invasions of ANYONE'S sovereignty REGARDLESS of "reasoning" unless we are attacked by that country. 9-11 was NOT caused by a country.

DEMAND that Amendments be given the states' for consideration to abolish the 14th, 16th, 17th Amendments.

There is more but the number one goal really is to remove the international banking syndicate from it's power over America and her "leaders". That would make a world of difference. Unfortunately, with America as the Land of the Sleeping and Factual Ignorants, it's not likely to happen. But unless and until the FRB and its ilk is wiped off the face of the Earth, we are not likely to ever be able to constrain our government by Constitution or any other means ever again. We will continue to appear as an empirical entity by the world-at-large because of our sick, puppet "leadership". More difficult to swallow, we will continue to march toward one-world communist rule.

But this is just my opinion and I've only been researching this stuff for the last ten plus years; how much could I know? Besides FOX News, etc., is allowed means to report their opinions (only as directed by rather strict influence shall we say, of course) - for you to decide.

God Bless, my friend.

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