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Monday, October 17, 2005

An Ongoing Struggle For 2nd Amendment Rights

For all Gun Owners: Your help is needed NOW!

Minneapolis, Minn. An ongoing battle with the City of Minneapolis to estop the communist-style zoning laws there, noted gun shop owner Mark Koscielski has taken his case to the 8th District Federal Court of Appeals. His case was heard on Friday, October 13th. The initial reaction is that the hearing went well and seemed to be favoring Mark. Of course, time will tell.

I want to enter a plea to ALL GUN OWNERS out there to read up on Mark's case (see links below) and write or call your favorite pro-gun organizations to enlist their help. And in the meantime, please help Mark's cause by sending whatever donation you can to help him pay the current $30,000 in legal fees he now owes (after the $110,000 he has already paid!).

This case will have far-reaching effects on all future cases of this nature and on the 2nd Amendment in general. Below is an excerpt from Mark's website. This could happen in any town, city, county or state with the stroke of a pen - so please don't ignore this one! Your voice and your contributions are much needed now!

"UPDATE: 10-14-05 On October 13, we appeared before the Eighth Federal District Court of Appeal in St. Louis, Missouri, to appeal the St. Paul Federal Courts decision to dismiss our claim against the City of Minneapolis. We had our "day in court" and, from the immediate reactions of the sitting judges, our situation looks very good. However, we still must wait for the decision to come down from the 8th Federal District Court, and this response could take anywhere from three weeks to three months.

Because none of the pro-gun groups that are happy to take your money in the "fight for the Second Amendmenthave come forward in our support, we must *IMMEDIATELY LIQUIDATE all firearms accessories TO PAY LEGAL FEES. All accessories are $ 1.00 above cost, first come first served. This special pricing does not include special orders. *THIS SALE IS ONLY GOOD IN SHOP.

We now have our best chance of getting Minneapolis' discriminatory city zoning of firearms dealers ruled illegal. This will have 'potential nationwide application.'

We must raise $ 30,000 to keep the fight going. If we can not raise the money that is needed, the fight is over and the anti-gun people have won again. More to come soon. More info can be found at www.savethegunshop.com

Special Announcement coming on or before Oct 29 2005 at www.creditcardshotgun.com and www.savethegunshop.com that will take carry concealed training to a new level.