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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oops! I made a mistake!

In the November 9th article titled "South Dakota's Amendment E Victim of Fraud?", I reported that the opposition's own poll on Amendment E showed 67% FOR and 33% AGAINST. That is in error. For clarity and accuracy, the correct numbers were:

A 3 to 1 margin FOR.

From what my calculator tells me, that would have been closer to 75% FOR and 25% AGAINST.

In Case Businesses Aren't Overtaxed Enough

....the new Democrat controlled Congress will make it a priority to raise the minimum wage - a tax sometimes as cruel to business as the fraudulently imposed income tax on the wages of working men and women is.

The current federal minimum wage is $ 5.15. The proposed minimum wage is $ 7.25. An increase of 40%! That is an alarming increase to the small businesses that pay at the level minimum wage (the restaurant and hospitality industries probably the largest of those paying the minimum wage in certain job positions found in the privae sector). It calculates to well over 50% increase in the total payroll expenses on the minimum wage categories when you add in the additional payroll taxes, unemployment taxes, workmen's compensation, etc. that increase along with the new wage base.

Personally, I am against a minimum OR maximum wage no matter the amount, no matter the argument for or against. One's rate of pay ought to be considered and settled between the individual employee and his/her employer. An employer with any integrity will weigh in earnest the value that you bring his company and pay accordingly. The mere practice of word-of-mouth advertising among employees so to speak, will keep wages relatively even within the same general job descriptions.

In the end, though, YOU are ultimately responsible for your income. If YOU find yourself unhappy with what you make, then YOU must decide to seek a raise and stand firm, stay with what you have or pursue other employment.

There is nothing new about negotiating wages. It is after all the American way; the free enterprise system. But a compelled minimum wage has always been a cruel tax on the backs of businesses that ultimately leads to higher consumer prices.

Monday, November 13, 2006

If You Act In Self Defense You're Innocent, Right?

A girl and student was attacked by a fellow student also a girl in the high school in Eagan, Minnesota while another student caught the event on a cell phone recording.

As you might imagine, the attacker was suspended from school for fighting. What you may not imagine is that the victim, whom only tried to defend herself was also suspended! This due to a ridiculous "no tolerance" policy on fighting! What?!

I guess now in America or at least in this school with its twisted policy, you are not allowed to act in self defense. A great lesson for your children to learn, right?

If one is getting pummeled by another person, they are not to lash out in a defensive manner or they will be charged right along with their attacker.

The attacker was given a five day vacation (er, um suspension) and the self defending "criminal" was given a one day vacation. Now the victim has a suspension on her record which she didn't have before just for defending herself. But take heart, the school district is starting to back up from their original stance due to the bad publicity no doubt. Only in Amerika could we be so crazily reactive!

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