War Against Federal Tyranny And The Misapplication of Income Tax

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Sunday, April 18, 2004

A message fo Maline Hazle
Maline Hazle wrote an article about the arrest of Al Thompson's on April 15.

Dear Maline Hazle,

Unfortunately for truth, your article follows the traditional status quo
media slant. It is unfortunate because we need folks in the media
to step up with the truth.

If Thompson and others are so nuts, then just try this simple test
for yourself. Write Eileen O'Connor, Mark Everson, the judge in this
case, the U.S. attorney in this case, your senators and
congresspeople and ask them these simple questions. (1) What
statute in USC Title 26 (income taxes) makes one liable for the
income tax? Please cite the exact statute number only. (2) What
is the definition of "income" in the IRS code? (3) What statute
requires you a person earning a wage in the free market to file an
income tax return? Please cite only the statute number.

Rather than show disdain for those like Thompson, why don't you
ask these questions of the federal authorities and tell us the results
in a future article. You will likely have to wait until hell freezes over
for any substantive answers, however. Then you will start to see the
scam that is set upon us.

Thanks for listening, I hope you write the letters. Take care.

Jim Paulson

PS Since when is it OK for ANY authority to not identify
themselves and not present a reason for arresting you at the time
of the arrest? Is this now Amerika?